Playing lotto games are fun because there always is the possibility of winning. While many believe that winning a lotto is nearly impossible, that is just not true. Depending on the lotto game being played, there are normally several ways in which to win. You may not win the ultimate prize, but you can surely increase your chances using these tips.

Choose your numbers yourself for the best chance of success. A lotto is a game of chance as the winning numbers are selected at random. Since that is the case, when playing your lotto game, pick your numbers at random. Do not opt for computer selected numbers, which are likely to be numbers with little chance of winning.

You would be wise to do some research on previous games. Look up all of the previous winning numbers and study them. Choose the previous month, quarter, or even year and search for numbers that appear more than others. When you have identified numbers that are chosen frequently, you can select different combinations that will offer you a better chance of winning.

With the research that you have done on winning numbers, you can also identify what are known as mild numbers, or those that are not chosen as often. It is possible to develop some combinations using these mild numbers that will also offer you the chance of a big payout.

Finally, you can choose random numbers that have some significant meaning to you. For example, you can use the numbers of your birthday or your family members’ birthdays. Anniversaries are also a popular choice when looking for random numbers.