If you have been playing the lotto regularly and are looking for a way to win, you may want to try syndicate sweeping. This is a good lotto system that will stack the odds in a player’s favor, thus giving him or her a better chance of winning. One of the easiest ways to increase one’s odds is to play multiple selections of numbers. To further enhance the odds, you can engage in a syndicate sweep system.

The idea is to play multiple selections of numbers, as many as possible. To do so, a player can get involved in a syndicate, or group of like-minded lotto players. By being involved in a group, a single player can now buy more tickets and play more number combinations. This gives each player more chances to win, if rules are set beforehand.

The group can sweep through a set of numbers in the following fashion. If ten people each play 10 different number combinations, for example, then after the initial play, each number from the top moves down and to the right. On each successive play, this movement continues. Players have a number that changes on each line for each play. It offers players a greater chance at a win.

A syndicate sweeping system takes time to develop. Numbers can move to the right or to the left, down, or up. A syndicate can also utilise any or all of those number movements. Successful groups experiment and make necessary changes over time.