A decade ago, the online casinos were just starting to emerge and people started to take notice of them. Slowly, over the years people began to play at the online casinos more and more, and now they are massive all across the world and bring in millions every week from online players. There are a lot of valuable information around the internet regarding all kinds of casino games, etc. I won’t cover online casinos here today but if you are interested on knowing more you can read reviews like the ones on this site, for example Zodiac Casino Review.

So it was a natural evolution that lotto games would eventually be played online, just as the casino games are now done on a massive scale. We have seen more and more online lotto sites come online over the last few years; some only last a few weeks as they were not well run, and others have gone on to become massive success.

If you look at online lotto sites such as iLotto.com, you will see what they have to offer, and their appeal to those that love to play lotto on a regular basis. You are not going to see the massive jackpots that range into the hundreds of millions sometimes, but what you are going to see is regular daily games with some impressive prizes to be won.

When you play at an online lotto site, many of them will offer you daily games to play. This is unlike regular lotto which might be held weekly, bi weekly, or in some places just once a month. This is not much good for those that love to play, so the ability to be able to play every day is a very alluring feature.

Obviously you won’t be able to win multi-million dollar jackpots every day of the week. But how does winning prizes like laptops, cell phones, tablets and other electrical items, and then a weekly cash game for 1 million dollars sound? This is very appealing for those that like to play on a daily basis. So yes, you can win when you play the lotto online, and win some very nice prizes too.